1. Content Strategy

Ever wondered how to make your content marketing campaign successful? 

A good (the best actually) way to start is to map out your strategy and a plan of execution. 

 I understand the importance of strategy, and that's why I pay particular attention to this step. You as a client play a crucial role here, as you are the ones who dictate the direction that your brand wants to take. The content strategy could be summed up in these simple steps: 

  • Analyzing the brand image
  • Analyzing the industry, target audience and market
  • Deciding which direction to take
  • Coming up with a list of topics to cover
  • Creating a guideline for content creation
  • Mapping out all the ways to promote the content
  • Setting up KPIs for evaluation
  • Getting the work done

Strategy execution and plenty of experience under my belt bring about great results, every single time. 

2. Content Creation

Combining brand image, style, structure and rich vocabulary for the best results.

This is the part where talented writers take over and dominate the scene. You see, great content is a combination of many different parts which all come together to create a perfect piece — informative, enjoyable, entertaining, easy to digest. 

At TomUnlimited, I do more than just writing, I do whatever it takes

A good piece of content marketing goes through many phases before it's ready to be published. These phases are: 

  • Topic selection
  • Collecting resources & research 
  • Coming up with a neat structure
  • Writing a compelling introduction copy 
  • Writing the content
  • Editing the content
  • Creating & adding images / graphics / infographics 
  • Optimizing for SEO
  • Publishing

A perfect piece of content makes all the difference. It's entertaining, SEO ready, and finally — easy to promote. 

3. Content Promotion

I want you to feel proud of promoting your high-quality content.

There is a delusion with content providers that quantity > quality, which is just plain wrong. Quantity by itself doesn't mean anything, you can have hundreds of articles and they won't bring you any results if they are sub-par and impossible to promote. On the other hand, one great piece of content will make sure you are ranked in the top for years to come. 

Creating sub-par content is time extensive, ineffective to promote and it doesn't even bring results.

Creating a high-quality piece may take some time, but it's going to give you far better results when it comes to marketing. 

My content promotion strategy also comes down to a few essential steps:

  • Getting the content ready for promotion
  • Taking care of search engine indexing
  • Revisiting the plan mapped out in the first step
  • Sharing the content on social media
  • Promoting the content on relevant forums, websites, groups, boards or videos
  • Reaching out to relevant sources for backlink building
  • Promoting the original blog images/graphics/infographics
  • and many more Google-approved techniques.

Promotion is what makes content marketing work, and that's where I make the difference. Depending on the topic or industry, there are different ways to efficiently promote a good piece of content. With years of experience, you eventually crack the code and results follow. 

4. Content Evaluation

In the end, all that really matters is that you get the results.

This is the part that truly makes me stand out from the rest — I don't hide the results, I proudly present them to you.

 Many content marketing providers, agencies, freelancers (you name it...) promise results, but they never quite deliver on it. They do all the steps and yet you never hear from them again, because they have nothing to show. I do things differently here at TomUnlimited:

  • Search for data analytics 
  • Compare it with our set KPIs 
  • Compile all the data into one 
  • Present it to You with clarity 
  • Receive your feedback and decide on how to move forward

I carefully evaluate all of my content marketing efforts, comparing them with set KPIs and presenting it to my clients at the end of each month. 

You get to see what was done, how was it done, how did it perform and what's going to follow. 

Not all content can bring great results, but that's precisely why evaluation can help us to determine what works and what doesn't. As time goes by, the feedback received will allow me to create perfect content for your website, and that's where all the results and fun begins. 


Are you ready to get down to work?