Working With Me

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Here’s what I can do for You:


starting at…

Professional Articles: $100 – $500 

Website Pages: $100+

Email Marketing: $50 – $100 per email

Direct Response Copy: get a quote

Prices vary based on the complexity of the task. 

I would also like to clarify one thing: TomUnlimited is not a large company or an agency.  I’m a freelancer, an expert in my field of work, who works remotely and focuses only on the results. No office drama and slacking off.

You are NOT paying for:

  • Tall building and office space in a metro area…
  • HR department salaries…
  • An expensive Espresso machine…
  • In-house celebration parties…
  • An Internet connection that allows Jane to browse Twitter during work hours…

Instead, things are done slightly differently here. You see, I wanted to make sure my clients pay for results only.

You are paying for:

  • A high-quality piece of content
  • Marketing which brings real results
  • Years of experience in the content marketing field
  • Long-term traffic for years to come
  • Someone who actually cares about your business

This is not a multimillion company. I do not have hundreds of clients. You will not be just another client in giant machinery. You get special treatment because you are TomUnlimited, a core piece of this little project that keeps me going. I never wished for hundreds of clients and millions of dollars, all I want is to build relationships and take care of the select few who entrusted their content marketing to me.

Still Can’t Find a Fitting Match? Don’t Worry.

Perhaps you have the strategy laid out and you’re only in a need of content creation or promotion? I got you. Let me know what service you require, and I’ll send you a quote!